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Welcome to the Collingswood Class of 1984 Contact site!!!

I really hope that this becomes the central hub for our class...

If you are a Colls Class of 84 alumni and this is your first visit to the site, you will have to register for a new account. Fill in as much of information as you would like but remember, none of the info you provide will EVER be used for anything except Class business! So please fill most of it in. The prime reason for this site is to be able to contact you with info on upcoming class events... (40th Birthday Bash, Nights out, etc...)

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Screw Classmates.com! Screw Reunion.com!
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FOR ALL NEW COMERS! This site is for Colls Class of 84 Grads only. As soon as I find out that you are not supposed to be here, I will delete the account. No hard feelings! We just want to keep this site in the class. If you would like to contact a Colls 84 member, I would suggest doing it through Classmates or Reunion.com.

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